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Social media. Stress management. Bullying. Self-care.  There's no one-size-fits-all solution to personal and professional challenges. But after years as a mindfulness educator, parent and yoga student and teacher, I've identified four Spicy Mindfulness principles that can be applied to everything from creating family unity to maintaining  a work/life balance.  


It's easy to practice mindfulness when things are going well. But when things get spicy, these four fundamentals give us an internal framework to move forward with intentional action instead of emotional reaction. 


Each of my presentations and educational workshops includes an opening reflection, a breakdown of the four principles as they relate to the topic and plenty of time for questions, validation and discussion. I also provide a handout for all attendees that outlines the workshop and has resources for further support. 


Every school and organization has a unique set of participants, and hot topics. Although based on parenting, I've adapted many of the presentations below for a variety of audiences, and am always open to creating a program based on your needs. Please reach out directly for more information on pricing and proposals. 


  • Riding the Parental "CoronaCoaster": Supporting our Children during this Topsy Turvy Year (can also be tailored for a student audience)

  • Back to School Success: Making a Family Game Plan for a Great Year (*presentation can also be tailored for incoming K, 6th or 9th grade parent orientations)

  • Social Media... OMG! Finding a Family Strategy that Works

  • The Importance of Struggle: Parenting for Resilience and Grit

  • Strengthening the Parent/Child Connection: Understanding Love Languages

  • Why Do They Do That? Understanding the Teenage Brain

  • 13 Reasons why NOT: Helping our children deal with anxiety and stress

  • Supporting our Children’s Success in Academics and Beyond:  Developing a Growth Mindset 

  • Healthy Friendships, Healthy Boundaries:  Empowering our Children

  • Stress and Struggle: Understanding and Coping with Difficult Behavior

  • Deepening the Family Connection:  Understanding Temperament

  • Resolving Differences:  Helping our Children Develop Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Siblings as Soulmates:  How to Foster Healthy Sibling Relationships

  • Parenting with a Partner:  Creating a Healthy and United Parenting Team

  • Putting on Our Oxygen Masks First:  The Importance of Parental Self-Care 


Additional support

  • Pre/post-screening discussion facilitation of three critically acclaimed documentaries: 

    • Screenagers-Growing up in the the Digital World looks into finding balance in the digital world. (66 minutes)

    • Screenagers Next Chapter-Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience focuses on helping our children build crucial skills to navigate stress, anxiety and depression in our digital age. (69 minutes)

    • Race to Nowhere featuring heartbreaking stories of students who've been over scheduled, over-tested, and pressured to achieve that calls us to challenge current thinking about how we prepare our children for success. (90 minutes)

  • Mindful Yoga and Reflection                                  

    •  Whether it’s your colleagues from work, your friends, or even family members, these sessions are designed for any private group who wants to use gentle movement, guidance and reflection, to bring some clarity to life’s spicy situations.

  • Student workshops that involve role playing, discussions and take-home activities to involve and connect with parents on these important topics:

    • Conflict resolution skills​
    • Healthy friendships and setting boundaries
    • Healthy stress management techniques and tools

    • Building Trust and teamwork

  • Staff/Teacher in-services on a variety of topics including:

    • Creating a Supportive Community​

    • Teaching Growth Mindset

    • Guidance techniques for difficult behavior


Spicy Mindfulness speaks to everyone. In addition to parent support presentations and educational workshops, I also offer Keynote Speaker services for meetings and conferences of all kinds. 

Recent engagements include keynote speaker for the 2019  Long Beach Early Childhood Education Symposium on Resilience, motivational speaker on Mindfulness and Customer Service for the Alpert Jewish Community Center staff training,  featured presenter on Mindfulness in the Workplace for the executive sales team at Wilmington Trust and Boingo Wireless,  featured speaker on Healthy Friendships at both the National Charity League's Patroness chapter 

meeting, and the Children's Home Society's 2019 conference, and keynote speaker on Self-care and Compassion for the Long Beach PTA Foundation’s Founders Day Brunch.

Let’s discuss a talk that
meets the needs of your audience.


Alpert Jewish Community Center

Bamboleo Spanish Immersion Enrichment Program, Long Beach


Belmont Heights Church Preschool

Boingo Wireless


Cal Heights United Methodist Children's Center

Carver Elementary School


Children’s Garden Preschool

Children’s Home Society of California

Cleveland Elementary School


Colin Powell Academy


Emerson Parkside Academy 


Girl Scout Council, Greater Long Beach


Helen Keller Dual Immersion Middle School


Hughes Middle School


Intellectual Virtues Academy

Lagoon Playgroup


Little Owl Preschool


Long Beach Council PTA

Long Beach Unified School District


Longfellow Elementary School


Lowell Bayside Academy

Los Cerritos Elementary School


Millikan High School


Minnie Gant Elementary School


Naples Bayside Academy


National Charity League


Office of Councilwoman Suzie Price, Long Beach 4th District


Rogers Middle School


Seal Beach Playgroup


St. Hedwig Catholic School


Stanford Middle School

Wilmington Trust

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