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Corporate life can be full of high-stress situations. Due to competing demands, there's a real need for quick decision-making and responses, as well as the ability to navigate a variety of relationships with colleagues and clients.   

Countless studies have shown that the practice of mindfulness — the present moment awareness of one's thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations without judgment — can have a positive affect on many of these challenges.  Specifically, mindfulness has been shown to increase the part of the brain associated with memory,  stress reduction and empathy.  It also seems to increase concentration and focus, as well as resiliency against negative and difficult experiences Preliminary studies have shown that practicing mindfulness can increase productivity and employee well-being, thus increasing morale and lowering the number of sick days employees take.

That’s why numerous companies, including Google, General Mills and Dow Chemical are offering a variety of mindfulness programs or services to their employees, and in the case of Aetna, even to their clients. 


Though experiential activities like guided relaxation and group reflections, Shaila connects business and balance. In presentations like Enhancing the Workplace from the Inside Out: Using Mindfulness to Optimize Productivity, Creativity and Connectivity, she balances both Eastern and Western philosophies within her "spicy mindfulness" framework, and matches mindfulness with team dynamics, focus, positive client and colleague relationship. 


Participants leave with an internal framework for making intentional decisions at work and home. 

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